Birdwatching in Kathmandu valley!

Explore the birds of kathmandu valley! 

Kathmandu valley is surprisingly wonderful site for birdwatching tours. Looking at the human population, we tend to think that, there can not really exist many birds. In fact there are abundant species of  birds found and the total number of birds recorded are over 400 species, that is almost half of the birds found in whole country, Nepal.

Phulchauki hill, the highest hill f Kathmandu valley rim, that supports the luxuriant forest is one of the best birding site that host  huge number of birds such as striated bulbul, chestnut-crowened laughingthrus, chestnut-tailed minla, rufous-vented yuhina including many rare and endangered species. This is also the site where over hundred species of birds can be recorded in a day trip only.

Besides Phulchauki, other sites are Shivapuri and Nagarjun national parks, Gokarna forest, Sankhu, Kirtipur and Tau dah are some major sites, that is great for birding trips.

Winter to Summer through autumn are the best season due to the migration of many birds in the vally and in its surrounding hills.

Birding hike: every day…


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