Langtang National Park Hike – naturalist trail!

Birds of Langtang National Park

Bordering with Tibet, Langtang national park is located in the north of Kathmandu valley. It is the third most popular area of adventure trekking destination in Nepal, which makes fewer tourists in season for excellent Birdwatching or nature treks here. This national park is amazing natural assets of Nepal that host numerous rare, endanger flora and fauna. Ibis bill travel up to Langtang to breed. Rare, elusive Red Panda and Snow leopards live up here. Himalayan Gosainkund Lake is one of the holiest lakes important to whole country.

Trip Highlight

  • Ibisbill and many exotic birds from the mountains
  • Rare Panda and Snow Leopard
  • Tamang culture
  • Spectacular Himalayan peaks
  • Sacred alpine lake- Gosainkund
Departure Dates
1. 16 April 2012 – 3rd May 2012
2. 07  May 2012 – 24th May 2012

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