On 25 April 2015 (Saturday), at 11.56-noon, earthquake, measuring the magnitude of 7.8 Richter scale unbelievably devastated Nepal. It is hard to understand why and how this happened and why we have to face many natural disasters and pay the high price? In this natural event many thousands of people have lost their lives, many are injured and numerous disabled. Many historical monuments were damaged and lost affecting and destroying some world heritage sites. Thousands of people are living without their family members and some still missing and many also have become homeless.

Yet, life goes on and has to!  Thanks to all international communities that instantly jumped to help us. Now it’s time for Nepal to rise and bounce back and really need further unconditional help and support from international communities in rebuilding Nepal in a sustainable and environment-friendly approach. In this process, one of the best ways to help Nepal is by visiting and taking trips to Nepal, encouraging and recommending your family and friends. And volunteering in the affected area of Nepal will be also the meaningful way to support and experience the country.

We appeal and humbly invite to join us “Rebuilding Nepal” to gain its usual glory! Welcome to Nepal and be a part of this beautiful act of rebuilding it and at the same time enjoy the hospitality and the wonderful destination of highest mountain, unique cultural and natural heritage of Nepal! Himalaya



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